About Us

At the heart of Clayton’s BBQ is a dedicated family that together, turned a dream into a reality. Randy Clayton, even as a child, often thought about one day owning his own business. This was not any ordinary business; he envisioned customers coming to eat HIS food at HIS restaurant. Fast forward several years later and the man with a passion for trying out new recipes and “perfecting” the art of smoking and grilling meat to a flavorful, tender perfection, had his very own restaurant. Of course a barbecue man needs his family to pitch in! With this being a family affair, his wife, Mary, brought in her own ideas and favorite recipes to add those finishing touches to a great meal. Having prepared some of the best home cookin’ around for friends and family through the years, practice definitely made perfect. Mary’s peach cobbler is the talk of the town! And don’t you dare miss out on Clayton’s very own special sweet barbecue sauce. It’s a favorite family recipe and a tangy, sweet, perfect addition to anyone’s barbecue!

Clayton’s BBQ, having recently celebrated ten years in Graham, Texas, has an interesting beginning. Having started with just a smoker, LOTS of brisket, and his front yard, Randy Clayton got the word out that he was a BBQ man on a mission. Soon he upgraded to a building and a great location near the airport. Now the rest is history! Randy and Mary’s kids have always been involved in the business, too; doing anything from making delicious desserts to serving up plates piled high with barbecue of all kinds, homemade sides, crispy fried catfish, big ol’ burgers, or country home cookin’. Everyone at Clayton’s BBQ is happy to serve their friendly guests some of the best food in town.